Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I developed my themes by thinking of what had texture. I chose my subject because of the beautiful colors in hummingbirds which I thought would match well with the color of the flowers I chose. To emphasize the hummingbird I added white oil pastel to show feathers on the body and the wings. To do my project I chose oil pastel to work with. I thought the texture of the pastels would brighten the drawing on such a dark background. I believe I took a risk by not drawing a background on this piece. I chose not to do a background because I didn't want it to take away from the hummingbird. When I look my drawing my eyes go back and forth between the bird and the flowers. I also did a bunch of layering to show deem soon. I included emotion in this drawing to show great art. I've always loved seeing the colors of hummingbirds and intersted in which flowers they pick. 

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